We exist within a number of networks that work together for the common good.

  • We are one of seven churches in the North Vancouver Anglican and Lutheran Region, and together we plan region-wide events, services, and educational opportunities. Our regional happenings are detailed on this website. We have a special relationship with Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church on Mountain Highway, with whom we work closely to offer joint ministry in the Lynn Valley community. Since the Waterloo Declaration of 2001, Anglicans and Lutherans throughout the country are in full communion, resulting in many exciting and evolving partnerships.
  • We are part of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster, a regional expression of the Anglican Church of Canada in the Sunshine Coast, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley consisting of 66 parishes and three worshipping communities. The Diocese, in turn, is part of the Anglican Church of Canada, and our priest Lynne is very active at the national level. 
  • We are a proud member of the Metro Vancouver Alliance, a non-partisan organization consisting of faith, labour, and community groups. Together, these groups represent a membership of nearly 300,000 people in Greater Vancouver, and their representatives work together to make positive changes in areas of common concern such as affordable housing, income justice, social inclusion and transportation.