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For the time being, we are unable to offer in-person worship in compliance with new orders from the provincial Office of Public Health. But please do join us online! Our live stream begins a few minutes before the 9:45 a.m. service. You can find our live stream at the top of this page or see current and archived services by clicking here.

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Active in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver for over a century
Do you want to explore a life of faith - for the first or fiftieth time? You are welcome here.

At St. Clement's, people from all walks of life support each each spiritually and socially so that we might better love God and our neighbour. A short introduction to our Anglican approach to faith and belief is right here.  Would you like information about baptisms, weddings, funerals or memorial services? Then we invite you to visit our Celebrating Milestones page. 

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Reading the signs

I was beachcombing on my own near Ladysmith a number of Januarys ago when I came across a weather-beaten wooden doorstop washed up amidst the oyster shells, pebbles and seaweed.

Of course, I wondered where it came from, but soon my imagination turned to what message it was offering me for my own life. I was in the midst of discerning for ordination at the time, and I remember thinking that it was a good symbol of what I hoped I could bring to my ministry - an open door and listening ear.

I brought it home with me those many years ago and it has been in my study ever since, reminding me of the importance of bringing presence and attentiveness to all our relationships.

What signs of encouragement or inspiration might you notice on your daily rounds today?

- Peggy

The Lively Spirit - Coming soon!
A magazine for the seeker, sceptic and saint in all of us

This year we are excited to be launching a community magazine for everyone in the neighbourhood. Its goal is to be an inclusive meeting place for those who seek a spirit-filled life, wherever their daily path takes them. We welcome readers and contributors of all faiths as well as those whose exploration is just beginning.

We will post a "teaser edition" soon!