Welcome to St. Clement's Anglican Church!

Are you looking for a Sunday morning worship that is grounded in ancient wisdom - but relevant to your life today? Our service starts at 9:45 a.m., and visitors are always welcome. If you have questions about other aspects of our church life, there's lots of information on this website, or you are invited to give us a call or send us a note.

If you curious about exploring the spiritual life, or want to talk about your faith journey, our priest, the Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton would be happy to chat. You can reach Lynne at 604-780-1420 or by email. In the meantime, here's a word of welcome from Lynne.

HAPPY ALL SAINTS DAY!   November 1 is a day we celebrate that all of us are made holy in Christ. St. Paul's most common greeting to the early churches was to "The Saints".   Some remarkable people today and throughout history have demonstrated particular holiness or closeness to God, but today we also remember that all of us, because we are baptized, belong to Christ ,and are therefore close to God.  So we are all "Saints"!