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We look forward to meeting againt in person for Sunday services, beginning on June 20. Our livestreaming will continue every Sunday as well; please just click on the link above. You are welcome, from whereever you join us!

Active in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver for over a century
Do you want to explore a life of faith - for the first or fiftieth time? You are welcome here.

At St. Clement's, people from all walks of life support each each spiritually and socially so that we might better love God and our neighbour. A short introduction to our Anglican approach to faith and belief is right here.  Would you like information about baptisms, weddings, funerals or memorial services? Then we invite you to visit our Celebrating Milestones page. 

Our priest and deacon welcome general inquiries via their shared inbox right here, and individual contact information for both our clergy and lay leaders is on this pagePlease click here for some basic information to help first-time visitors. We hope to meet you soon!

Signs of the times
Thought for the Week

Over the course of the pandemic, I have noticed how my iPhone library of "most frequently used" emojis has shifted. In those initial weeks of spring 2020, my "most used" bank of smiley faces and joke-y images receded somewhat, with sad faces and shocked "eeeek, what's happening!" faces taking their place in texts and emails more often. The smiley faces pulled into the lead again as times improved in our local context, but the "eek!" faces would make a resurgence when the case counts spiked again or society dealt with other hard realities.

Throughout it all, though, the red heart emoji kept its #1 position as the "go to" image I most often reached for in hard times and good times alike. When love is present - love for God, love for neighbour - there is always reason for gratitude and hope.

"...Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to you." Psalm 139:12


Lively Spirit magazine - Spring edition!

Please click here to read the springtime edition of Lively Spirit, St. Clement's new community magazine that celebrates the spirit at work out in our neighbourhood. 

You'll read about local pilgrims, people lending struggling moms a hand, an armchair bird watching expedition at Maplewood Flats, and lots of Easter and springtime arts, crafts and stories, too.

Please click below for current and previous editions of Lively Spirit.

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