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We are delighted to announce that St. Clement's is once again able to open its doors for worship. This past Sunday we had a small group in attendance practising our health and safety protocols and our livestreaming set-up. We are now ready to welcome you to church on Sunday, June 21, just in time for the National Indigenous Day of Prayer and Father's Day, too!

Please click below to read a letter from Philippa and our wardens, Phoebe and Philip. It describes the practices we have in place to protect the health of the community, and accordingly it is important that each of us "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" this letter! We have an individual and collective responsibility to the wellbeing of all our parishioners and to those beyond our doors.

Once you have read the letter and determined whether or not you would like to attend worship in person, you are welcome to pre-register for church on Sunday. We need to cap our number of attendees at 35 to make sure there is ample room for each of us. More information and the registration link will be sent out in the Good News Gazette tomorrow.

'Til then, happy reading and much love from your St. Clement's leadership team!