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Archbishop Melissa recently issued policies and protocols that have paved the way to diocesan churches re-opening for worship in the weeks to come, beginning on June 14. As you will see on the chart pictured, we are currently in Phase One; June 14 will launch Phase Two; and if things proceed smoothly the hope is that Phase Three will begin sometime this summer.

Each parish is encouraged to discern what plan works best in their own context. Some churches will open right away; others will hold off until later in the summer or aim for September. 

At St. Clement's, we are planning a "soft opening" for June 14. That means we will be working with just a few extra people in the sanctuary and the congregation. That will give us the chance to practice our protocols, get up and running with livestreaming to the internet that day (all going well!) and work out any kinks that may arise.

We look forward to opening the doors to public worship (maximum 49 participants) on June 21. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to offer Sunday services online as well, as we want to encourage our more senior and/or immunity-compromised parishioners to stay home for as long as seems wise. We are all together in spirit, even when we are separated by space!

For a message from Archbishop Melissa and in-depth details about the diocesan protocols, please click here.