The Building and Grounds team keeps us in good shape
Helping hands always welcome!

Looking after our gently-used but older buildings can bring tension but also a great learning opportunity, for me especially.  I suspect that all sorts of secrets are still hidden in the walls.  The newer building where the sanctuary is and the hall downstairs, was built using quite a bit of volunteer labour, I understand.  

I marvel at the intelligent ways and means that put this building together.  You will notice that in the sanctuary, there are few drafts, as the pan-a-bode construction is pretty good as insulation.  Even our older single pane windows don’t create much cold air movement.  The wood itself has served us well although another treatment on the outside and a sanding beforehand may need be done to preserve it further.  

The older building is the most “interesting one”.  A team of workers did a fabulous job of creating a light and lovely space in a grungy and really outdated area.  Kudos!  I believe that our improvements to the inside may well obscure the faults of this building.  Anyone out there who loves wiring and the power that runs along it?  This may be where action will be needed in the future.

We have 2 new furnaces and an older one which keeps soldiering on.  Our release of greenhouse gasses has really gone down since that change.  

You never know what is going to happen next with the building, the drainage or leakage!  I have a very able partner in all of this and also a team of people here in St Clements that can step in when needed.  If you would like to join us, please let me know!

Thanks to all who have supported the changes that we have needed to make in order to keep our buildings dry and intact!

- submitted by Joanne Graham

St. Clement's ROMEOs
(Retired Old Men Eating Out)

Ken thinks it all started about 15 years ago, but nobody is quite sure. So, for more years than we can remember, this group has met on a Friday morning.

Until recently, we met at around 8 for breakfast at the Eighties Diner on Lonsdale. These days, we are confined to Zoom, but we still have fun – good conversation, and good discussion.

Typically, we spend half an hour talking, with or without breakfast, and take a second half hour to read and talk about the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday. There are always so many questions and different points of view. Invariably, we have more questions than answers, but then, of course, we hear the real story in the sermon on Sunday [ed. note: or one preacher's view of the real story, anyway!]

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to join us, so please get in touch. Dave Parry, David Smith Ian Thomas, Larry Terrace, Ken Hanney, Gordon Graham.

Refugee and new immigrant support

People of St Clement’s have been involved with refugee sponsorship for many years, perhaps starting in the mid-1970’s when the "Vietnamese boat people," as they were known, came to Canada.

The plight of displaced people is now a prominent world-wide concern that will, no doubt, grow. The impact of conflict and now climate change will continue to disrupt and traumatise lives. In 1979 the Government of Canada pledged to sponsor one refugee for every refugee the Canadian public would privately sponsor – this was the start of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program.

Later, our Diocese formed the Refugee Sponsorship Committee to coordinate and support parishes in the sponsorship process. The North Vancouver Ecumenical Support Team, REST came together in 2015. REST is a partnership of 10 churches and individuals that operates in close cooperation with the Diocese.        

Currently, St Clement’s, private citizens and the Canadian Memorial Church are jointly supporting and sponsoring Nasrullah’s sister and family and we look forward to the day they arrive. Please speak to Dave, Wilna or Joanne if you need any information or would like to assist in some way. If you would like to read more about these and other stories please use this link to the Diocesan Refugee Unit (it will also help you find information about REST and other groups).

For a more in-depth telling of the history of St. Clement's engagement in refugee ministry, and stories of the families we have been blessed to support, please click here.


Introducing the Comms team!
Helping you stay in touch

Worship, community outreach, social events - these are just a few of the many things that happen at St. Clement’s! With so much happening at St Clement’s, how can you find out what’s going on?

That’s where the St. Clement’s Communications Team comes in! The St. Clement’s Communications Team is responsible for letting the parishioners know about our church’s the latest news and events. The Communications Team is responsible for all sorts of things, such as:

  • updating the website with the latest news and events
  • setting up the Sunday morning Facebook livestream 
  • sending out the mid-week Good News Gazette with all the weekly news, events, and messages
  • using low-tech tools such as posters in the community and notices on the lych gate

The Communications Team is made up of Peggy, Maddy, Katherine, and Deborah. That said, St. Clement's has long been blessed by the efforts of technology guru in Sean Faivre-Duboz, who is currently hard at work upgrading our audio-video capability so we can improve the quality of our livestream. Sean's in a league of his own!

Once our livestreaming system is all set up, we will be able to see how other folks may be able to help with the A/V set up. We are always looking for more people to join our team, so if you are interested in helping share the all the amazing things that happen at St. Clement’s, please contact Peggy!

- submitted by Katherine Jang


St. Clement's Greeters

Our great team of greeters includes Deborah, Alana, Henry, Jonathan, Phoebe; and new to the roster (Thank you!) are Joanne, David S., Delayne, Mike, Ian G, Sean, Lynda, Elizabeth, Paul, and Olivia.

The safety of our parishioners attending worship at church is our highest priority. For each service, there are usually three greeters. The first greeter you see greets you with a warm welcome and asks the usual three questions that we are all tired of answering but we need to; the second greeter continues the warm hospitality by asking if you have sanitized your hands (again) and offers you the prized bulletin, and lastly, the final greeter directs you to your pews by following those infamous arrows.

When the service ends, the greeter (who is now the sender) guides you out of the church one pew at a time and reminds you to move along and don't crowd the aisle or runway! And oh, don't forget to sanitize your hands! And another greeter (now wiper) dutifully wipes down the pews, door handles, to make sure the next group using the sanctuary is well taken care of. Ah, the work never stops but we do it with love, care and always a smile on our face to greet our parishioners every Sunday morning.

Join the altar guild!
Wilna promises it's fun for all

The Altar Guild is a behind-the-scenes group with diverse skills and strengths. Joanne looks after our Altar frontals and Hangings; Kath, Lynne, Elizabeth and Wilna prepare the Altar for the Eucharist; Diana looks after cleaning and pressing our linens and Mary Lee (Mountain Market) supplies and arranges each week’s flowers. Before the big feast days of Easter and Christmas we gather (safely distanced due to COVID!) to shine our silver, brassware, and polish the Rederos, Credence Table and Altar.

If you feel called to be part of this ministry, we can assure you it is probably the safest church ministry you can be involved in during the pandemic, as it is mainly solitary. Please be in touch with Wilna Parry, who would be delighted to speak to you. Home phone:604-986-4838 or email