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These are very in-between times for us as we imagine what life will look like once COVID-19 vaccines really begin to roll out. There is lots of light on the horizon, but we know some months of patient waiting are still required.

In the meantime, how about helping to create a parish-wide scrapbook of memories (in a really easy way!) We will start a round-robin letter in which the first person writes down a memory or thought or event they would like to remember from this past year. Then they fold up the paper and send it to the next person on the list provided, who will add their own contribution and mail it to the next person. And so on!

Depending on how many people sign up to take part, we will have one or more letters on the go at any one time. In the end, we will have a wonderful snapshot of thoughts and memories for our archives. You don't have to be wise or profound; if you want to tell us about the TV shows you binged on to keep your spirits up, that's fine, too! 

We would love to have as many people take part as possible, and would be especially delighted to include all our different age groups. St. Clement's will even provide the stamps - and you have the thrill of getting mail as an added bonus!

Photos and images are welcome and can be submitted separately. We look forward to sharing all the contributions with you, and with parishioners to come in future decades!

Please email Peggy if you would like to participate, and include your home mailing address if it has changed in the past year. Further details will be sent your way once everything is arranged!