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In North Vancouver alone, there are over 1,200 cases of domestic violence reported annually, and in British Columbia, the number of physical or sexual assaults against women rises to 1,000 per week. Even though this number is high, the truth is that the actual number of incidents is probably higher, as we know that many cases go unreported - especially when Indigenous women and children are involved.

While we are inundated by surreal statistics such as these daily and often numb to them, the facts remain that gender-based violence is preventable, and it is only by education that we can change these numbers. St. Clement's is pleased to be focussing on this issue with a new prayer and education resource we have developed for anyone to use.

The MooseHide Campaign aims to raise awareness and to help prevent gender-based violence by speaking about the unspeakable and offering education and action in the form of campaign kiosks, awareness walks and other community events. On May 16th, across Canada, we can act by spreading the word to our communities, schools, and workplaces, implementing or joining a walk, and wearing a MooseHide pin and shining a light on this preventable crime.

In our Parish of St. Clement's, we will do a five-day education and prayer cycle. You can click below to preview our prayer guide now, or you can pick up a printed copy at the back of the church on Sunday. The guide offers a range of thoughtful prayers and insights from spiritual leaders; reflection questions and prompts for action are offered; and the digital copy (below) has live links that take the reader to articles and videos to expand awareness further.

MooseHide pins (including vegan pins) can be found at the back of the church. Please use and share the 5-day call to prayer/action resource to help focus on this important issue. Continue to wear your pin and share this information past May 16th. Information can be found on our website events page as well as on our social media pages.

Education is the only way to help put an end to gender-based violence. Every person deserves love, respect, safety and security in their lives. Let's do our part.

Please visit their website, download some information, wear a pin (every day!), and start or join a campaign. Share what you have learned with at least one person, and let's spread the seeds of prevention.