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For the past few months, your Communications team (Lynne, Phoebe, Katherine and Peggy) have been exploring options for a new look and functionality for our church website. This led to:

- a wonderful offer from Phoebe, president of Magnolia Communications, to work with one of her staff members to create a new logo for St. Clement's. It has just been unveiled to, and enthusiastically approved by, Parish Council and you can see it at the top of this page. We love the centralness of the cross and anchor against the blue and green mountains. Thank you so much, Phoebe - and for all your very popular and well-read e-newsletters leading up to this change!

- a new website, hosted by ChurchOS, a local company specializing in user-friendly software for church websites. This new website will make it much easier for us to spread the word and it offers many new functions - sending out our e-newsletter to all subscribers, for example! Anyone is welcome to sign up for the St. Clement's e-newsletter, including the public; they just enter their email address where indicated at the bottom of the webpage. 

Here is our request of you!

The website includes a very convenient parish directory function. Joining as a member not only ensures you are listed in this (private) online directory, it enables you to access the parish directory yourself in order to find people's contact details and to visit the other private "members-only" area on the website where you will find duty rosters, vestry information, and news that is not intended for widespread public viewing. (Update! You will still a password to view the For our Members page, even if you are logged in and approved as a member who can see the Parish Directory. Please see a member of the parish admin team for the passord - thanks!)

It is very easy to join. If you are viewing this post from your computer, look for the "Join/Login" button in the narrow blue ribbon on the top of the page. If you are viewing from a mobile device, look for "Join" in the menu.

Click "Join," and fill in your details. We encourage family members with their own email address to each join individually so we can better stay in touch. If, however, you have younger children you can simply put the parents' and children's first names all in the first-name box and you will be listed as a family. 

Once you have submitted your member request, it will be received by an administrator and you will be approved as a member. Yay! You will then be able to log in and edit your profile further - a photo and a few comments about yourself are encouraged! You will note that you are given the option to "Allow other Online Directory members to view my profile." If you click this box, you are giving permission for approved St. Clement's members to see the contact information you have provided. If you wish your contact information to be "unlisted," do not click this box. *Be assured that whether or not you click the box, your private information is not visible to public website visitors.* 

Don't worry about the second box ("Do not display my email address to website visitors"). That is only relevant to those people listed on the Parish Leaders page.

In the weeks to come, we will have people on hand after the service to help you in case you have questions or gotten stuck somewhere along the way. Or if you want your photo taken for the directory! Please stay tuned for those details, and have fun getting familiar with our new St. Clement's website!