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Over the many months of the pandemic, livestreaming of our Sunday service has allowed St. Clement's to welcome many people over our virtual "threshold." Some online worshippers make themselves known to us; some enjoy the opportunity to worship privately from their home. One person who has been an enthusiastic online participant is local artist and writer, Jenn Ashton, who contributed two of her colourful paintings to our community auction in the fall.

It was during one Sunday morning sermon that a reference to baptism stirred Jenn's memory. She began to write, and had soon crafted a moving piece about a baptism performed while she was a multifaith chaplain in a city hospital. We are happy to announce that the story has been published in this month's issue of the Anglican Journal, where it can be appreciated from coast to coast. Here's a short excerpt - just click here to read it all!

I had already had my trial by fire by the end of the first week: I had sat with suffering patients and families, the newly diagnosed and the newly dead. I’d borne witness to pain and peaceful joy. I had not yet done a baptism, and even my mentor’s instruction session on “baptism basics” was not booked until the following week. I wasn’t nervous about this, because I knew that I could do it. However, I hadn’t had time to ponder exactly how I would do it when called upon.