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St. Clement's will have a robust presence at Lynn Valley Day this year - we will be in the parade, as well as on the field all day long! And we really need your help to make sure our message comes alive.

Building on the number of languages spoken at St. Clement's, our theme is "St. Clement's welcomes the world." We want to give Lynn Valley the message that everyone who walks through our doors receives a warm welcome - old or young, vegan or carnivore, spiritual newcomer or old-timer, and from all parts of God's green earth. Can you help us put a face to that welcome?

The parade begins at 9:15 near Mollie Nye House/Kirkstone Road, and we are looking for walkers to carry "welcome" signs in different languages. If you'd love to take part but think the 1.5 km walk might be challenging, we have two wheelchairs at our disposal and would be happy to have you along for the roll. 

We also need people to help set up and staff our booth on the field throughout the day. We will have lots of props to make it engaging and fun! 

If you can take a two-hour shift for our booth, or can walk (or roll) in the parade, please let Peggy know as soon as possible. Just click here, grab her phone number from the bulletin, or catch her at Coffee Hour!

For more information about Lynn Valley Day, which is organized by the hard-working Lynn Valley Lions, please click here.