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Since 1906, the Canadian Church Calendar has been a means of uniting Anglicans from coast to coast to coast. In August, it helped us mourn alongside the Okanagan Anglican Camp which was largely burnt down by wildfires; the cross at the end of the dock, which is coincidentally featured in the calendar's August photo, is now one of the only remaining structures.

More often, of course, the calendar helps us celebrate the joy of Anglican life and presence across the country, showcasing beautiful churches, landscapes and ministries. And you can appreciate this all year long for only $10, or three calendars for $20. You'll also be in the know when it comes to saints' days and other festivals and liturgical seasons and be the first in the room to be able to answer that age-old question: "So when does Easter fall this year?"

If you would like to be the keeper of such knowledge, please contact Beth to order your calendar(s) by September 17. With your trusty church calendar at your side, you'll never miss another appointment (or St. Clement's event!) again!