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2020 isn't yet over ... but the liturgical year is soon drawing to a close! The first Sunday of Advent is November 29, on which we begin again another journey through our faith story.

While many are understandably worried that the pandemic means we "can't celebrate Christmas this year," the joy of Christ's birth remains undiminished - and perhaps shines even more brightly in dark times. This is the message we want to remind ourselves of, and it's the message we want to share with the rest of Lynn Valley!

To that end, we have all sorts of plans to mark Advent and Christmas in a way that includes many people in many ways. We will be emphasizing the themes of Advent - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace - by means of our Christmas tree in Lynn Valley Village, an outdoor Advent wreath and lights, a special section on our website each week, and "Advent in a Bag" prayers and activities to give to anyone who requests one.

We are looking for enthusiastic folks to join our Advent and Christmas Task Force (ACT Force!) to help make some of this come to pass. If you would like to mastermind or mistressmind the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace decorations for the Christmas tree, work on outdoor lighting, do some baking, or suss out contents for the Advent in Bag, your contributions will be much appreciated! Please contact Peggy to learn more, or to get your name on the ACT Force list. Thank you to those of you who are already pitching in - you know who you are!