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St. Clement's was very pleased to play a small role in helping neighbourhood website LynnValleyLife send the neighbourhood's best wishes to the Lynn Valley Care Centre.

The LVCC has been the tragic epicentre of a COVID-19 outbreak, with a number of residents, staff and family members infected. We have been holding all of them in our prayers, and grieve for those who have succumbed to the virus.

LynnValleyLife put out a call to local residents to express their care and concern in messages and pictures, and the neighbourhood stepped up in style - over 250 emailed submissions were received. In order to safely and hygienically deliver the messages to the room-bound residents, however, nearly 200 individual copies had to be printed.

The St. Clement's diaconal outreach fund was happy to join with other community organizations in donating money to help make it possible to produce a full-colour booklet showcasing the community's art - and heart. We are told a number of tears were shed by the staff members who accepted delivery of the booklets and leafed through the first few pages of support, and are told by another source that the residents are extremely touched. 

Thank you to those of you from the church who took the time to contribute your own messages. The project was covered in the Georgia Straight newspaper - take a look, there are some faces you might recognize!

You can also get a guided "tour" through the book, and hear the shout-out to St. Clement's, by clicking the video below. Once the video is playing, be sure to click the 'view full screen' button (four arrows, usually at lower right) to see the whole book.