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We were delighted to welcome the many Lynn Valley families who came out to participate in Bells of Peace, an invitiative of the Royal Canadian Legion at the invitation of the UK and German goverments. 

Churches across the country rang their bells 100 times at sunset to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in World War One. St. Clement's advertised the ceremony to the local neighbourhood and were pleased that so many people accepted the invitation to take part.

Pews were turned to face the bell pull, and extra pews added as they filled with people of all ages from the congregation and surrounding neighbourhood. Refreshments were on hand to encourage people to chat and be comfortable as they awaited the ceremony or chose to light a votive candle. Before people lined up to ring the St. Clement's bell, a prayer for peace was offered and people sat in silence before a prayer for the fallen was read. 

After taking their turn to ring the bell, some went outside to listen from the front yard where the peals could be heard more distinctly in the clear autumn air. A recording of a pipe band's Amazing Grace and a dismissal followed the 100 peals, along with an invitation to visit the original St. Clement's church, now our chapel, which contains the plaque listing those parishioners who served in the World Wars.

It was our pleasure to host this event and to meet so many of our local neighbours. We hope to identify more occasions on which we can welcome the wider community to our door.