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We know Lynley as our music director here at St. Clement's, but his musical talents have impact far beyond our church doors! He has created a musical composition that was recently selected to be played in a celebratory online concert for Imamat Day - an Ismaili day of celebration. Here is an explanation from Lynley:

"A dream I had of composing something with the Salwaat (Prayer or Salutation) some twenty years ago has finally materialized and borne fruit. This particular tune of the Salwaat has always mesmerized me and resonated deeply with me. I was inspired to write a musical composition with this tune and create a piece called 'Noor.'

On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Aga Khan IV, musicians and vocalists were invited to submit their compositions for consideration to be included in a global concert featuring over 30 artists from North America for Imamat Day this year. I have just received confirmation that my composition 'Noor' was selected out of 102 Canadian entries to be part of the Canadian complement of the program. The other half of the program will be composed of artists from the US."

If you are able, please share in this day of music and celebration and enjoy Lynley's amazing musical abilities that are a gift to many faith communities. There is a video component to the song, so you will see a familiar face or two!

The online music festival will take place on Sunday, July 12. You can tune into at either 1pm or 4pm using the link below:

Please note that other live programs are continuously shown on this link, and the music festival will only be shown at the times listed above.