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In Sunday's gospel reading, we walked with two disciples on the road to Emmaus, listening as Jesus recounted the grand stories of scripture.

As mused upon in that day's homily, there is great power in telling our stories. It's one of the big things that makes us human! 

Peggy spent a number of years leading a memoir-writing class, and she knows from experience that sitting in a circle telling tales of the mundane and ridiculous is a wonderful way to get to know one's self and others better. Now she will be leading a similar endeavour online for St. Clement's folks who would like to spend some time sifting through their experiences, sharing some memories, and hearing commonalities and differences in all our stories. 

Most of the material we share will come from doing some on-the-spot writing in "class time," in response to prompts as random as "tell us about a chore you hated when you were young." It's always interesting what memories and reflections can result from such simple questions. And don't worry - you don't need to have lived a life of wild adventure in order to participate. We promise you, your life has more than enough material to work with!

This isn't primarily a writing instruction class, and it's not primarily a spiritual formation class, but aspects of both will no doubt come into play.

Please let Peggy know if you are interested, and we will find a time that works for people. The group will meet on Zoom, and we will aim to keep our online gatherings to one hour in length. We will need to cap numbers at about six participants, so please check in soon if you think you might like to take part.

(Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)