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It is customary for many people to take on some added faith formation or spiritual study during the season of Lent. As in Advent, Lent is a time to prepare our hearts and minds for the high holy day to come - and fortunately, there are always a multitude of good books to lead the way!

As always, our diocesan Missioner for Christian Formation, the Rev. Jessica Schaap, has a bunch of good suggestions for books, devotionals and other practices for the season of Lent. 

Closer to home, Peggy has ordered a hot-off-presses book by one of her favourite spiritual writers, Christine Valters Paintner. A Different Kind of Fast: Feeding Our True Hungers in Lent may be available in person at Indigo, or be ordered through Amazon for anyone who is interested. Amazon also offers a slightly-more budget-minded Kindle version, and you can previous a sample of the opening pages at this site. 

The publisher says this about the book:

Fasting is not just the physical practice of giving up food. Fasting can also be a way to combat our culture of endless distractions and busyness. Fasting is an act of letting go, of making more internal space to listen to the sacred whispers of our lives. Join Christine Valters Paintner, online abbess of Abbey of the Arts, on a spiritual journey through seven different kinds of fasts, including fasting from control, from our attachments, from our grasping, and more. When we practice these fasts, we can discover unexpected spiritual gifts, as well as answers to deeper questions, leading us to ask: "What is my true hunger?"

Each type of fast is explored by means of a daily practice ... a walk, a meditation, lectio divina (sacred reading), etc. The author makes these practices accessible and engaging. 

Peggy will be reading (and doing!) this book during Lent and would be happy to arrange one or two informal gatherings with others who choose to embark on that journey as well. You can be in touch with Peggy to hop on board.