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Wow! Thanks to your support, we have raised $2,600.00 for Shelter Movers, a non-profit volunteer organization that rolls up its sleeves to quickly and discreetly move people and their belongings from abusive homes to safe new lodgings.

This total includes the matching funds pledged by Parish Council. It also represents a great number of good deeds that were unleashed into the community, sponsored by people who donated to Shelter Movers. 

A big thank you to all the Good Deeders who donated their time and talent to making bracelets, jam, bread, Christmas cake and fudge; to those who donated books and sent flowers; to artists who picked up their brush, writers who wrote love notes, and dancers who strapped on their shoes.

We look forward to getting this money into the hands of Shelter Movers, where it can be used to move approximately 13 individuals  (and their children) into safety. Thanks, St. Clement's!