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"The desire to have a purpose and connection to things bigger than ourselves is one of the qualities that make us human. It boosts our mental health by giving us perspective and meaning, and it connects us to others who care about the same things."

So says this BC Mental Health Association article, and we believe it! To that end, taking part in cultural traditions, both spiritual and secular, gives us a sense of belonging and purpose.

St. Clement's has created Lively Spirit, a new community magazine for people both inside and outside the church. It will introduce readers to some of the customs and celebrations that have given shape to our world and continue to shape us now. We hope that over the year, readers will be inspired to take part in some of these fun, festive and faithful practices! 

Lively Spirit will be published Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek in a Candlemas "teaser" edition. Click here to read it now!

As we publish our regular editions, readers can look forward to interviews with people in our community, photo challenges, family-friendly activities, and all sorts of local inspiration that's good for the soul.

If you already subscribe to the St. Clement's church newsletter, you will receive a link to each new edition in the Good News Gazette. People in the wider community who would like to subscribe to Lively Spirit are invited to send their email address to