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Our good friend and long-time member of St Clement's, Brian, passed away on May 13 at 84 years old after a long decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease. His loving partner Olivia asked us to share the following obituary with the St Clement's community (Brian loved reading obituaries!):

Brian Howard Scharf

24 JUNE, 1939 – 13 MAY, 2024

Brian was a contented man, guided by his own compass. He grew up in Calgary, son of Dr. Clifford Scharf and his beloved mother, Kathryn. He completed a degree in theology at Trinity College, U of T, where he discovered his first vocation. He spent a year in silence with the monks of Merfield in England, and was ultimately ordained a priest at Canterbury. His daughter was born during the three years he spent in Broadstairs with his first wife, Nancy. When he wasn’t performing his pastoral duties, the handsome young curate could be seen buying and selling antiques or dashing around on a moped in his cassock.

On return to Canada, he became a social studies teacher at Killarney High School, where he worked for the rest of his career. He acquired a boat, a moustache and some velvet bowties, and met his sweetheart and life partner Olivia, who he married in 1975. Olivia softened his sterner side with her free spirit and artful ways. They cared for each other through good times and hard, and she dedicated herself to him through to his last day.

He got his greatest pleasures from his hobbies as an antiques expert, sailor, gardener and dog lover. He had many good friends who he taught and sailed with, and back in the day loved nothing more than some beers at The Cecil, along with some teasing and chat about sports and politics. Latterly he enjoyed his times at the North Vancouver Legion, where he was proud to be one of the last cohorts of veterans (a stint in the air force reserve as a teenager). He loved to read obituaries-- sometimes more than once. Brian was strong and stoic, and retained his kindness and sense of fun, even as his keen intelligence receded. We will miss both the man he was, and the man he became.

Much gratitude to the church community of St. Clement’s Anglican Church for all their support.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the BCSPA are appreciated.

A memorial will be held at St Clement's on Saturday, June 29th at 11:00 am.

He is survived by wife Olivia, daughter Kathryn, grandson Joseph, sister Anne, and brother Robert (Kathleen).