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We are delighted that our priest Helen has been appointed by Bishop John Stephens to assume the role of regional dean for North Vancouver. 

This role has for some years been held by the Rev. Patrick Blaney at St. John the Evangelist. Helen describes the dean's job as primarily a pastoral role; her job will be to convene deanery meetings with the clergy in North Vancouver and offer one-on-one support as needed.

Rest assured, this does not change Helen's ministry here at St. Clement's. It will give her added collegial ties in the region, deepen her insight into various matters, bring more wisdom and experience, and increase her connection with the Synod Office and others in the diocese. 

We know Helen has all the skills and qualities that will help her do this role faithfully, creatively, and well. We congratulate Helen, and celebrate in advance all the gifts she will bring to our collective ministry in North Vancouver!