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Philippa will be doing the rounds of the parish this week, delivering (in the most sanitized manner imaginable) a wonderful resource to help you mark Holy Week at home. Would you like one? Please let her know by email asap, and by April 1 (Wednesday) noon at the latest. Please include your address in your reply.

"Holy Week in a Bag" contains a traditional palm cross for Palm Sunday, candles, an Easter cross colouring page, and a beautifully laid out guide to readings and reflections offered as a gift from the Salt Project. You can click on the guide (below) to see how the candles are used to form a wreath to help us honour these important days leading up to Easter.

The Easter cross gives us a way of proclaiming the celebration of Christ's resurrection to the world. Colour it as much or as little as you like, and starting on Easter Sunday put it in a window for passersby to see! You can use the one provided in the Holy Week in a Bag kit, or choose and print your own from this link here or here.

As you will recall, the season of Easter lasts 50 days, so you and others will have all sorts of time to enjoy your artistic efforts! We will be contacting other churches in Lynn Valley and inviting them to join in this community celebration of Easter. 

The "Holy Week in a Bag" kits were assembled using best sanitary methods and will be dropped at your doorstep. It is a welcome chance to say hello if you happen to be there, but don't worry - we will maintain a safe distance!