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Lynn Valley Lions leader Eric Muira has been in touch with St. Clement's to rustle up support for a Lynn Valley-based outreach project for our flood-stricken neighbours in the Fraser Valley.

Along with their usual charitable endeavours, the Lynn Valley Lions have hard-earned experience in stepping up to help in times of disaster. In the aftermath of local tragedies such as the June 2018 fatal townhouse fire and the stabbings that took place in Lynn Valley Village in March 2021, the Lions offered means by which the community could mourn the events and offer necessary practical help as well.

Eric noted that there is a time and place to help, and he believes Lynn Valleyites could be valuable in the Sumas Prairie in a few weeks' time, when the initial hazardous rescues and assessments are complete but a variety of clean-up tasks remain. That could range from light jobs picking up plastic from streets and fields, to heavier endeavours requiring strong backs and vehicles. 

Lynn Valley residents are encouraged to add their name to a list of locals who are willing to be contacted when tasks are identified. Signing up is not a commitment to participate, but it will help spread the word to people who may be able to take part if their schedule and abilities allow. Sign up through the Lynn Valley Lions website, with Lions member David Hewitson at Freedom Mobile in the mall, or (beginning November 26) in Lynn Canyon Park, where the club will be hosting its Christmas tree sales in a new "walk-through" setting.

Eric says the Lynn Valley Lions are also accepting financial donations from the community, which they will match dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000. The collected monies will be funnelled through the Lions Club  in the affected communities to provide direct support to those in need. Please click here for further information and to donate.