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We are delighted to announce a "triple impact" fundraiser that will put your donation dollars to great use! 

During this pandemic, we have wondered how we at St. Clement's can best support the community around us. For most of us at this time, hands-on, "front line" work has not been an option. That being the case, we wanted to launch a fundraiser for those people who are able to roll up their sleeves and make life better for those folks who need a hand.

Safer shelter

Sadly, we know that the need to remain isolated from others because of COVID-19 has meant that violence in unsafe homes has increased, with domestic abuse calls to shelters and crisis centres having risen by up to 30 per cent. So we are keen to support the work of Shelter Movers, a non-profit, volunteer organization that moves people and their belongings to safety, swiftly and discreetly. It costs approximately $200 to move a person; donations help to cover costs such as trucks, packing materials, language interpreters, insurance, gas, security personnel, and other necessities.

Parish Council was inspired to learn of the work of Shelter Movers in metro Vancouver, and pledged $1,000 in matching funds. So every dollar you give will be doubled!

Love in Lynn Valley - sponsor a good deed!

We have added another component that will increase the impact of your gift even more. Parishioners have stepped up to offer good deeds you can sponsor with your donation dollars. Have a look at the "menu" of good deeds below, and see if there's one that catches your fancy!

Perhaps you will be inspired to offer your own good deed. Perhaps you could mow the lawn of a neighbour. Or drop off a meal for someone who needs a boost. If you have something to contribute, please let Peggy or Maddy know, and they will add it to the Good Deeds menu!

We hope the form below is self-explanatory, but please contact Peggy should you have any questions. Thanks to Jeff, we now have a "Shelter Movers" category in the drop-down menu should you wish to make your donation online. Otherwise, a cheque to St. Clement's, with "Shelter Movers" in the menu line, works fine.

The Good Deeds menu will be updated as items are "sold out" and new ones added. Many thanks in advance to all who are contributing their time, talent and/or treasure to this great cause!