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Now that Paula has been amongst us for a little while - and now that you have a better opportunity to meet her face-to-face! - we thought you would like to know a little bit more about our current priest-in-charge. Here are a few of the tidbits that Paula sent our way:

  • Paula graduated from VST (Vancouver School of Theology) in 1995, the year of her ordination. Since then she has served in five parishes and recently retired from St. Alban's, Richmond. As with many "retired" clergy, her life continues to be busy!
  • Paula has been long involved in EfM (Education for Ministry), whihc she first helped obtain funding for in this diocese. EfM is a four-year learning program geared at bringing adult education in Scripture, tradition and history of the church, and theology in tandem with a seminar group practice of theological reflection (1994). [Editor's note: if my own group is any indication, great snacks are involved, too - and lasting friendships!]
  • Pauls has been companion on two Diocesan Youth Pilgrimages to the Taizé community in France and also with youth from St. Andrew’s, Langley,  
  • She has been involved in music and liturgical ministry in the church since age 16; she is a folk guitarist and singer, sacred dancer, and dramatist.   Add to that her skills as a Certified Reiki practitioner, which she describes as a form of body-prayer similar to therapeutic touch, ‘healing touch,’ and some forms of ‘laying on of hands.’  
  • Paula just celebrated her 37-year wedding anniversary to  The Ven. Dr. Richard Leggett; they are parents of three adult children.  
  • In her off time, Paula is an avid reader of fantasy – JRR Tolkien, Guy Gavriel Kay, Mary Stewart -- science fiction, murder-mysteries, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and "countless romance novels."
  • Any other hobbies? "I knit prayer shawls. I am learning to knit more complicated items. The Enneagram has been the most helpful spiritual tool for me. I have dabbled in “Soul Collage.” Next to singing and playing my guitar, writing (creative, poetical, correspondence, teaching and sermons) is my most creative outlet."

And here are Paula's closing thoughts, on the church as a body of people and what she hopes to accomplish in her vocation:

The church is a community of people in which the presence of Jesus Christ can be found. Her vocation is to carry on the mission of Gd in the world which we see in the life, ministry, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus. Thus the work of prayer is carried out in the church’s social engagement, love of Gd is shown by how we love others and how we nurture creation. Baptism washes away all that divides people from one another; divisions are antithetical to the Spirit of Christ.   As a priest my ministry is anchored in the call to build up the church and equip the people of Gd for ministry outside the walls of our sanctuaries, in the world.