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We are pleased to be taking the first steps toward making fair trade goods and gifts available to our parishioners and neighbours.

The "nursery room" at the back of the church will be rejigged so that it can also act as a place to welcome visitors during the week during "drop-in" hours. Planning toward that has been stalled a little by the pandemic restrictions, but we will still be able to host something to that end in the days to come. Please see our Events section for upcoming dates it will be open to passers-by.

Wilna has goods available to support Embrace Rawanda and the Lions Gate Gogos. Please see the selection and pricing at the link below.

You will also be able to support farmers and women's cooperatives in Palestine with your purchase of Zatoun olive oil, soap, and za'atar, which is a traditional herb mixture of thyme and sumac, sesame seeds and salt. It is common in Middle Eastern cooking, and recipes are available to inspire you. Please visit their website to learn more about the important work of Zatoun; proceeds from sales will benefit their Trees for Life program.

Please click below for Zatoun prices; stock is available in the office and if you aren't picking it up at our "pop up" shop at the back of the church, you can order some by contacting Yvonne.


Wilna has also pointed us to these fairtrade sources:

Touch of Grace (Handcrafted Palestinian art from Beit Sahour):
Annadwa (The Cave arts & crafts gift shop in Bethlehem):
Hirbawi Kufiyas (The last Palestinian kufiya made in Palestine):
Women in Hebron (A Fair Trade cooperative that empowers women):
Star Bazaar (Bethlehem Bible College’s Gift Shop):
Pace (Palestinian cultural centre and gift shop):