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St. Clement's is delighted to announce that longtime parishioner Jeanette Terrace is its 2022 nominee for the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster. The diocesan recipients will be honoured at a ceremony to be held on the morning of November 5, 2022. Please click here for details.

A life-long Anglican, Jeanette attended St. John’s, North Vancouver,
with her family as a child and was married there. Returning to North Vancouver in 1980 after several years in Montreal, she became a member of St. Clement’s. Since then she has filled significant roles in the parish, as Warden and Synod Delegate and member of the Finance Committee and Parish Council.

In 1986, when approached by the then Rector, Ron Barnes, Jeanette and her husband, Larry Terrace, ODNW, spearheaded the creation of the Memorial Garden where many parishioners’ and neighbours’ ashes are interred, liaising with contractors, encouraging volunteers, and doing much
of the hands-on work themselves.

In 1988, on Ron Barnes’s resignation, Jeanette, as a Synod Delegate, was a member of the Canonical Committee that invited Ron Hunt to become our next Rector. Towards the end of Ron Hunt’s time as Rector, the parish was not thriving; we could not afford to outsource cleaning the church. Jeanette cleaned the washrooms each week, offering leadership by example to the team of volunteers who stepped forward.

In 1999, when Bishop Michael appointed Sarah Tweedale to be Rector, Jeanette was a Warden. Sarah did not wish to live in the Rectory; Jeanette took on the responsibility on behalf of the parish of working with the Diocese and a realtor to sell the Rectory, the proceeds of which have contributed to our financial stability since then.

Jeanette has been part of Bible studies and the prayer chain. She is a greeter and sidesperson. She has been involved in planning and hosting social events and work parties.

Jeanette has always been a quiet, faithful presence at St. Clement’s, stepping forward to take on leadership in sometimes difficult circumstances and offering a voice of encouragement in the face of discouragement. She and Larry have a sailboat; to use a sailing image, she has had a steady hand on the tiller when the parish has been facing stormy seas.