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As is our tradition, we are sponsoring a Christmas tree in Lynn Valley Village this year; we love the chance to connect with our neighbours and add to the Christmas cheer in our community.

This year, Jenn Ashton has suggested we extend the "many languages" theme we have touched on this year, and offer greetings of peace, joy and love in all sorts of languages (including the language of art, which is one of Jenn's favourites!) She has precut some decorations, which are at the back of the church. Please take one home with you, decorate it with a greeting in the language of your choice, and return it to the basket at the back. Jenn will laminate them and string them on a garland for our tree.

Although it has yet to be formally announced by the LV Community Association, it is typically the case that we would decorate our tree on the first Sunday in December - so pencil in December 4 if you would like to join us in LV Village after church!