The Rev. Peggy Trendell-Jensen
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Be sure to have a look at our new "This is Us" display feature at the back of the church! It's a place to post photos of parish events, postcards from holiday-goers (you'll send us a postcard, right??), thank-you notes, cards from former parishioners, prayers and doodles, and ???

Don't be shy - there are clothespegs there for you to post your own offerings. (That said, this is not meant to be the place to advertise your upcoming garage sale or sell your car! But a photo of your new grandbaby is welcome!) It's another way we can get to know each other better, and learn a little more about our lives both inside and outside the church.

Currently there are lots of photos on view from Lynne's farewell feast. But they won't be there forever... let's keep our art board evolving!