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This year, the theme of our Christmas tree in Lynn Valley Village will be "Follow the Star." The tree will be lit up with star lights, topped with a star, and feature a variety of star-shaped ornaments. That's where the people of St. Clement's come in! If you come across a (waterproof) star ornament that you are willing to purchase, donate or craft, we would love to have it on our tree!

Passersby will be encouraged to reflect on what their "north star" is, and what values they most want to prioritize in their hearts and in their lives. As we celebrate the coming of light to the world in the form of Jesus Christ, may we all try to reflect the goodness of the one who called us to love God and to love our neighbour as ourself.

Please bring in your star ornament(s) to Peggy by Sunday, December 1, or drop by our tree in Lynn Valley Village after that date and pop it on a branch yourself!