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St. Clement’s, your Church home, continues to be a place to support you as you live your life in response to God’s Love.

Everything we have, personally and corporately, is a sign of God’s grace and love for us. We offer to God our time and our talent, our work, family, and volunteer time. We also offer our money as a symbol of the fruits of our labour.  As a spiritual practice, we give a portion back to God. Giving deepens our relationship to God and strengthens our awareness that all we own is a gift from God’s generosity.

For our financial campaign this year we focus on our commitment to God as an expression of our gratitude for all God has given us in life. St. Clement’s has been able to continue to support refugee families. We have started new initiatives in our relationship with the Lynn Valley community. We have been able to make improvements to our building, beginning with a new floor in the sanctuary.

Pledged gifts for 2018 support the life of your faith community of St. Clement’s. We ask for financial commitments at this time of year because it helps us with accurate budgeting for next year. If your circumstances change within the coming year, you may change your pledge at any time. 

Your financial contribution enables us to carry on God’s mission in this place. The mission of St. Clement’s is full of vitality, and includes providing Worship, Godly Play Bible stories for children on Sunday morning, Youth Ministry, Adult Christian education, support for spiritual growth, pastoral care in life’s crises or transitions, and outreach to the local community, National Anglican Church, and the world.

Pledges will be offered and blessed during the worship service on Commitment Sunday, November 19th. Please take this week to reflect prayerfully on your offering to support the mission of St. Clement’s.    

Thank you.  

Yours in Christ,  

Lynne McNaughton, Priest                                                

Ian Thomas, Warden  

Delayne Sartison, Warden