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Even though God knows our deepest desires before we ask, it is part of our nature to seach for words to express our hopes and worries. When the needs of the world are immense, however, we can sometimes feel at a loss. We invite you therefore into this prayer for Ukraine and all who are suffering violence and war; below it is a recording of the Gregorian setting of Kyrie Eleison ("Lord, have mercy,") the only part of the original Greek Christian liturgy that remains in the Latin mass. May we, alongside the communion of saints in all times and places, continue to ask for and embody the tenderness of God's mercy throughout the world. 

Thank you to Ian Gunn for this prayer, and St. Clement's music director Lynley Lewis for the Kyrie. 

A Prayer for Ukraine

from the Prayers of the Community, March 6, 2022

God of all the world,
we know that you hold the people of Ukraine
in the palm of your hand; the name of each person there is written on your heart.
In the darkness of invasion, and the madness of those who ordered it,
we pray you spread your light of hope, of justice, of peace.

We pray for those who are sheltering,
those who are fleeing, those who are already grieving.
We pray for families sending their youth to shoot,
to be shot at, to be bombed, to be hated.

We pray for civilians running towards the battle;
to rescue the stranded, to feed the hungry, to treat the wounded,
to bear witness to the villainy, to the destruction,
to the hope, to the bravery.

We pray for those with power over this war;
that you bring them wisdom and compassion,
the strength to resist the temptations of power,
the strength to find and to choose peace.

And lest we forget our brothers and sisters elsewhere,
we pray for everyone who needs help, or homes, or compassion;
for all refugees, all victims of greed and war,
no matter where they are.

Loving God, keep us steadfast and help us resist
the temptation to despair at the seeming brokenness of your world.
Remind us that your healing presence is here at all times, in all things,
shining hope and compassion into the very present darkness.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, our Saviour, our Prince of Peace