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From Advent onwards, there are many rich contours to the Christian year, and perhaps you are drawn to some seasons more than others. I have myself increasingly come to appreciate these seven weeks of Eastertide. Although I haven’t seen it described as such in any of the lectionaries I have consulted, I think Eastertide can accurately be called a very Tiggerish time of the year.   T

igger, as you will remember from your reading of Winnie-the-Pooh, is irrepressible, bouncy and full of enthusiasm. He is the very epitome of springtime, when buds are bursting out on the trees, animals are born, and all the world is young. We have to hand it to him for enthusiastically sharing his thoughts and feelings with everyone he meets, and in that perhaps he serves as a mascot for all we who are charged with sharing the good news of the risen Christ – though, admittedly, we probably wouldn’t want to come across quite as strong as he does.

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