It was the worst sandstorm in years. Because of the civil war in Syria, huge agricultural areas have not been worked on and they had dried out. A strong wind from the North brought tons of sand to the Holy Land. For nearly a week you couldn’t see further than 50 metres and it constantly felt like November just with 30C.

It was during this sandstorm that a group of students left Jerusalem for two weeks in the Jordanian wilderness. One week in the sand desert and one week in a Wadi. During the first five days, the group walked criss-cross through the desert. They never saw more than 50 metres. It felt as if they were the only people on the planet, in this world of sand. Sand was everywhere, on the ground, in their shoes, in the air. Wilderness.

What happens next on this trip through the desert ... and how might we consider wildness time in our own lives? Please click below for André's written sermon notes.