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Part of being an Easter people is trusting that new life is always waiting to be born, even in the darkest times. As we celebrate the season of Eastertide, let's get together to enjoy some very short films and stories of how bleak situations have been turned around in unexpected and wonderful ways.

We will use breakout rooms to chat about those stories, and how they might remind you of a similar "resurrection story" from your own life or community. Perhaps you will be inspired to notice the new life that is happening in or around you. And perhaps you will see how you can be an agent of new life to others!

We will offer further Resurrection Stories evenings if there is a demand - and we hope there is! It will be a good way to share and hear stories from the lives of our fellow parishioners and the community around us. 

The Zoom link is available here to members; others are welcome to send a note to Peggy should they wish to join in.

(P.S. Here is a good article about different approaches one can take when thinking about the resurrection of Christ. It might help get your thoughts flowing before our session!)