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What should you expect when you visit St. Clement's?

You'll know you are at St. Clement's when you see the big Anchor - the symbol for the early church father, St. Clement of Rome - that greets you on our lawn. There is also a beautiful memorial garden for to remember some of the dearly departed of our congregation.  Our Deacon is at the top of the stairs on Sunday mornings to greet existing members and visitors of the church. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.  Our services generally last an hour and twenty minutes, and is followed by coffee and treats. Dress is casual.

Do you have a system for the hearing-impaired?

Yes, we do! A loop has been installed that links our audio system with hearing aids that are equipped with T-coils. Please ask your audiologist if you have a "T-coil" setting if you aren't sure.

What does St. Clement's have for my family?

There is a babies-and-toddlers nursery near the entrance to the church, from which the service is visible and audible through a P.A. system.  There are lots of toys and books for the kids and some seats for parents who wish to be with their kids during the service.  We often have teenagers who are there to play with your child.  These teenagers are trained including police records checks and training in the sexual harrassment policy of the Anglican Church.  

For pre-schoolers and school-aged children we have a children's talk near the beginning of worship, after which point children go downstairs for "Godly Play", a Montessori-based Bible Story program.  Children hear a Bible story enacted and then are free to respond to the story with art and play materials.  Volunteer teachers are trained, including police records checks and training in the sexual harrassment policy of the Anglican Church.   There will always be at least two adults with the children, and parents are of course welcome to attend or drop in. We have a number of older youth who enjoy each other's company during the service and at monthly youth group events.

What Does St. Clement's believe?

We do not require that you believe anything in order to worship with us or join us: we are a diverse community of people, all growing into trust that God's love transforms our lives, seeking to support each other to live as people of God in our everyday lives.  

We invite you to explore the following with us in a vibrant and nurturing community: 

We believe that life is a gift of God.  We believe that God loves all human beings and the whole of God’s creation, the Earth.  We believe that by the grace of Jesus Christ, who came to show us God’s love, we are reconciled to God and live a life of joyful freedom, called to serve God’s new life in the world.

How could St. Clement's support my spiritual journey? 

Lynne McNaughton, our priest, is available for spiritual direction;  you are welcome to phone her (604-780-1420) or e-mail her to set up an appointment. She would love to hear the story of your spiritual journey.

How do I get there?

St. Clement's is located at 3400 Institute Road, North Vancouver, BC
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The Reverend Lynne McNaughton, Priest - email or (604) 780-1420

The Reverend Elizabeth Mathers, Deacon - email or (604) 339-6581

Church office:  email or (604) 988-4418

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